Photographer: M.M

Description:Sunrise captured while on Holiday


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The Bridge ViAnt Remix

Tom Monahan - Could it be you

T.O.M Kitzmiller ViAnt Remix

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Showtime by Katy Konrad

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By Dakota.Me.UK, Nov 20 2014 02:00PM

“Could It Be You”, described by Tom's brother Mike as “Songs that dig deep into our past that brings out the worst and best of times maybe even a little dark”. Could It Be You is the brothers first real attempt at alternative country with dark americana with there new 3rd EP studio album.

At a still-youthful 50's Tom and Mike continue to build a loyal UK and US fan base.The EP's backing cast varies with different musicians at sessions separated by weeks of time, the two constant is Tom's disarmingly warm, inviting voice and Mike's brilliant lyrical melancholy, the album contains observations on spirituality, love and the ever present hope that the beauty of life can overcome the world’s harshness.

By Dakota.Me.UK, Nov 9 2014 06:50PM

The Quiet Compere Tour 2014 came to our city of Chester at Alexanders.

With the best established poets and accomplished poets in the area.

Hosted by Sarah Dixon Writer/Poet

Checkout the photographs

The Quiet Compere Tour is 'Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England'

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