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By Dakota.Me.UK, Apr 7 2016 08:40PM

Daou Winery sits on top of the most beautiful view in Paso Robles. The year I visited this winery it had just opened and what a surprise it gave my brother and I. The tasting room allows you to take in the 360’ views in a Spanish Colonial building overlooking the 220 acre estate. That day it was a Zinfandel that capture my heart and soul! So here it is six years later when I came across my last bottle of this gem in the cellar!

***2010 DAOU Reserve Zinfinadel: Limited Production,

written in 2012

To the nose: complex potpourri of ripe red currants, vanilla, and lychee fill the senses

To the taste: notes of spicy vanilla and cinnamon,red currants, spice, well balanced on the finish

Note: This wine will give you a wow factor you like no other in 3 to 5 years!

2016 Review

So let me just say this first, it's a short story, my friends who have a variety of pallets didn’t get this wine back in it’s prime on the first tasting, Ha! I poured this great wine just a month ago and everyone wanted to know who makes this wonder wine! Yes revenge is sweet! This wine went to another level that exceeded the orignal spicy, smooth, everlasting red currant finish, it became more complex. Amazing! Thank you, DAOU for redeeming my pallet and reputation.

*** The Drivers Favorite -- All the wines I tasted that day where unique and very enjoyable! Hat’s off to the staff as well for providing an excellent wine tasting experience! For more information on the winery please use the link above.

Hope you enjoyed it !

The Driver

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