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Shot Taken: HTC


Description:Captured while walking the street in my town


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Showtime by Katy Konrad

By Dakota.Me.UK, Aug 3 2014 03:42PM

Welcome to the New Site

You will notice alot has changed dramatically as we wanted to make Clarity a goal for the site making it for you to get from page to another quicker and easier. This time round we decied to include some new features with 'Shots of the week' which you should deffinatley get involved with as we want to see what you can bring to the community. Another feature we improved is the 'News Feed' making the focus of the site giving you the viewer constant updates,Reviews,Events and much more.

The overall Look and feel of the site is alot cleaner making the content of the site speak for itself. More changes will be applied throughout the months to come and hope you enjoy as the website expands along with the community too.

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