Photograph: New Brighton


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  Tom Monahan - Be As One

In so Deep - Tom Monahan

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Showtime by Katy Konrad

No Shame - Tom Monahan

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Dakota is a feast of the senses;it is a beautiful photograph which captivates a moment, Dakota is the beat of a tune from a new band’s latest song, it is the taste of a glass of red, at the end of a hectic week.  Dakota is the feel and smell of a new book. Dakota brings a kaleidoscope of colour to a world that is shades of grey.


Dakota is me.  Dakota is you…..

The Dakota team is as diverse in age and background as it is in interests and experiences.  Ranging from late teens to the more mature members, our team is made up of people who have lived in England, Wales, America and Germany.  On our travels we have also ventured to Scotland, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, The Czech Republic, and Holland.  We draw our inspiration from the world around us; the sound of a new song, a beautiful image that has to be captured, an experience which sparks a poem or song.  The Dakota team consists of a promoter, photographer, singer-songwriter, poet, graphic designer, and wine taster.  We are an open book – let us know if you would like to be involved.


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